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Camshaft Grinding & Remanufacture

Regrinding Services. Stop-action photo shows a camshaft being precision-ground on purpose-built, specially-designed grinding equipment at Oregon Cam Grinding. Oregon Cam Grinding specializes in grinding and remanufacturing camshafts for automotive and industrial uses. We also sell new cams and lifters for almost any engine.

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Cam Shaft Grinding Application §. Challenge A large automotive manufacturer had issues with chatter marks—micron-level surface abnormalities—in a cam shaft grinding operation. Chatter marks are caused by small variations in the grinding process such as coolant flow or temperature, grinding wheel speeds and feeds, machine and grinding wheel

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Stresstech is a world leader in developing and manufacturing non-destructive inspection equipment for grinding burn detection and residual stress measurement. Stresstech is a world leader in developing and manufacturing non-destructive inspection equipment for grinding burn detection and …

Centerless grinding of cam and crankshafts | Evolution Online

Here, the first centreless grinding process in the UK was introduced to combine rough and finish grinding of camshaft journals. It was in 1988 when the Rover Group was developing its highly acclaimed K- series engine that Derek Willis, then process engineer for this project, investigated the possibilities of centreless grinding.

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In-house cam grinding allows for stricter processes that alleviates issues such as cam peeling from burning during grinding, "whistling" while the engine is running due to improper lobe finish, higher efficiency in the cam grinding time and process, better quality control, and the most state-of-the-art camshaft grinders in the industry to ...

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The camshaft or cam profile grinding process is a special form of external cylindrical plunge grinding between centres, in which the grinding wheel axis machines the cam profile in a contour-controlled manner. As a result of the extremely high cutting volumes required, vitrified bonded CBN grinding wheels are mainly used today, particularly in ...


Camshaft Grinding Process: Custom orders are usually taken over the phone. However, we can accept e-mail orders as well as faxes. During the phone conversation, we are able to recommend a camshaft profile to suit your specific needs. We have over 8,500 different profiles to choose from; profiles for hydraulic, solid, flat tappet, as well as ...

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About the Sherline CNC Cam Grinder. When building a model engine, one of the more difficult components to make is usually the camshaft. There are ways to make a mechanical grinder to do the job and ways to make built-up cams, but this is one job where computer control really makes sense.

Camshaft Grinding Process -

Camshaft Grinding Process: 1. Placing an order: Custom orders are usually taken over the phone. However, we can accept e-mail orders as well as faxes. During the phone conversation, we are able to recommend a camshaft profile to suit your specific needs.

Delta Camshaft

Grinding your custom Camshaft Camshaft Grinding Process: The first step is to set up the cam grinding machine for the application that will be performed. This is accomplished by loading the desired profile onto the tracking headstock. Different camshafts have different firing orders. The firing order is set by the "index" plate.

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Grinding is a manufacturing technique for machining surfaces with abrasives. The rotating grinding wheel performs the cutting motion, while the feed motions are conducted by the grinding wheel or the workpiece, depending on the machine concept and grinding process.

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Oregon Cam Grinding is located in Vancouver, Washington, near Portland, Oregon in the scenic Pacific Northwest. We provide camshaft grinding services as well as supplying new and reconditioned cams, including performance camshafts. As a manufacturer and distributor, we can meet your camshaft needs.


Chilled cast iron is primarily used for production of cam shaft. The development of automobile industry and engine power brings up more advance requirement for properties of camshaft. In casting process, there are more chances of casting defects such as shrinkage defect, porosity, crack, insufficient pouring. ... Grinding of the Cam is done ...

Lean Selection cam - Grinding machine: JUNKER Group

Economical and precise camshaft grinding. The Lean Selection cam is an economical and flexible machine concept for grinding camshafts in any lot size. The wheelhead can be fitted with up to two high-capacity grinding spindles, and the swiveling B-axis allows parts to be rough and finish-ground in a single clamping set-up.

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Jun 07, 2016· Cam grinding is one of the more complex grinding operations. This is because of the cam's geometry. In standard, cylindrical grinding, such as for producing shafts and pistons, as the workpiece rotates and the wheel plunges in, the material-removal rate and wheel-workpiece contact area are both constant.

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Camshaft bearings are similar to crankshaft main bearings, being pressure-fed with oil. However, overhead camshaft bearings do not always have replaceable bearing shells, meaning that a new cylinder head is required if the bearings suffer wear due to insufficient or dirty oil. Alternatives

JUCAM - Grinding machine: JUNKER Group

The OD/ID grinding machines of the JUCAM series impress with precise grinding results in a single clamping set-up. Thanks to the control system with learning function – with which virtually all disturbing variables are compensated – camshafts, cam pieces and individual cams are given a perfect finish.

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cam shaft grinding process - cam shaft grinding process for sale cam shaft grinding process and cam shaft grinding process manufacturers - 185 cam shaft grinding process wholesalers & Suppliers from China. Chat Now; Basics of Grinding - Stanford University Basics of Grinding Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series Study Guide - 2 ...

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Abstract: In order to solve the problem that selecting process parameters is difficult and inefficient in NC camshaft grinding, a case-based process expert system is presented, which takes frame method to present cases and utilizes case-based reasoning as the core mechanism of system.

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Grinding is an abrasive machining process that uses a grinding wheel as the cutting tool. A wide variety of machines are used for grinding: Hand-cranked knife-sharpening stones (grindstones) Handheld power tools such as angle grinders and die grinders;

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Oct 26, 2016· The process of creating this critical component is quite unique, so we visited Comp Cams' facility in Memphis, TN to see exactly how a camshaft is made. The Basics. The design process is different for every application, but the basics are the same – create a profile for the intake and exhaust lobes for the type of engine the cam is for.

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Whether they machine camshafts for highpowered formula 1 gas-guzzlers or for environmentally friendly, economical, mass-produced passenger cars, the SN series of CNC Grinders for camshafts from EMAG KOPP ensures that you always grind from pole position, whatever the requirement.

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Jun 22, 2015· grinding a turbo LS camshaft. Tormach Surface Grinder - Grinding 4140 Perfectly Flat & Parallel & Grinding Fun with Dykem - Duration: 25:00. NYC CNC 79,974 views

Colt Cams - custom camshaft grinding

Colt Cams provides custom camshaft grinding for import domestic performance diesel classic cars and motorcycles for North America.

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• Research on Dynamic Optimization and Simulation of Camshaft Grinding Process p.44 . Application of a Case-Based Process Expert System for NC Camshaft Grinding • Application of a Case-Based Process Expert System for NC Camshaft Grinding p.127 . Automation Equipment and Systems ...

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Things to Know About Cam Grinding . By James Gaffney, Product Engineer, Precision Grinding and Patrick D. Redington, Manager, Precision Grinding Business Unit, Norton Company (Worcester, MA) ... Camshaft grinding requires instantaneous changes in wheel-work …

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Grinding a crankshaft is a process of removing material from the journals in an effort to refurbish and reuse an expensive, yet vital component of an engine. It is usually done during the process of rebuilding an engine when needed, but also has some performance aspects which come along with the process.