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Metallic inks - coming to a wide-format digital printer ...

Metallic inks - coming to a wide-format digital printer near you by FESPA Staff | 09/10/2014 Metallic effects are eye-catching and used to add a sense of higher value to all sorts of printing, from book covers to drinks labels to posters.

Printing with Metallic Inks | Metallic Gold and Silver Ink ...

PRINTING WITH METALLIC INKS What are metallic inks? Metallic inks are formulated with tiny metallic flakes which "leaf" together on the printed surface as the ink dries. This leafing of the metallic flakes creates a brilliant lustre. Aluminium flakes are used for …

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing -

Digital printing shines when lower quantities are needed; think of a run of 20 greeting cards or 100 flyers. Another benefit of digital printing is it's variable data capability. When each piece needs a unique code, name or address, digital is the only way to go. Offset printing cannot accommodate this need. Learn more about digital printing ...

New Liquid Metal 3D Printing Process - 3D Printing Industry

Wang and Liu explore using liquid phase 3D metal printing to speed up the process of metal 3D printing, reduce the time it takes prints to cool and increase the rate that objects can be rapid ...

Gold & Silver Printing - Metallic Ink Digital Printing ...

Gold & Silver Printing with Metallic Dry Ink Add beautiful sparkle and shine to your print projects with gold and silver printing with Metallic Dry Ink!. TPH ® is excited to introduce digital Metallic Dry Ink, currently available in Gold and Silver. This new technology allows you to use digital printing to create stunning metallic effects for added dimension in your design.

Metallic Printing Inks - ECKART Effect Pigments

Metallic printing inks offer you the advantage of using it where it's needed instead of starting with a full metalllized substrate surface. Metallic printing inks also intend to replace additional metallization processes after printing. ECKART is one of the leading suppliers worldwide of metallic inks for the printing industry.

Comparison of Metal 3D Printing — Part Three: Inkjet

Additive Manufacturing with Metal Powders 2019 ... Comparison of Metal 3D Printing — Part Three: Inkjet ... in high-value and often custom metal powders. The Digital Metal process sees powder ...

Flexo Printing vs. Offset Printing - Focus Label

Feb 23, 2018· Flexo Printing vs. Offset Printing. ... Any spot colours are made from a combination of the process colours. Ink can be water based or UV curable. ... One current trend for flexo is for it to be combined with digital printing technology to produce powerful hybrid solutions that outperform most traditional offset presses.

Decoration (Printing, Coating) : Printing Technologies for ...

Introducing Technical Information, Decoration (Printing/Paint), Printing Technologies for Cans. Toyo Seikan Homepage. Inserting Product/Technical Information, Company/IR Information, Recruitment Information. PET Bottle/Can/Plastic/Metal Packaging Container Manufacturing. Packaging technology as the cornerstone, we aim to develop a richer and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Direct Metal Printing | 3D Systems

Direct Metal Printing (DMP), also commonly known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), is an additive manufacturing technology that builds high quality complex metal parts from 3D CAD data. In the machine, a high precision laser is directed to metal powder particles to selectively build up thin horizontal metal layers one after the other.

Printing Inks -

NAPIM Printing Ink Members. Click on the category you would like to view.

Custom Printing with Metallic Ink -

Custom Printing with Metallic Ink Make Your Print Shine with Metallic Ink If you are looking to make a big impression with your next print project, sometimes plain black or colored ink just won't cut it. When you venture beyond the familiar territory of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, a wide world of color possibilities opens up for you.

3D Printed Electronics - Aerosol Jet Technology - Optomec

The Aerosol Jet process supports printing on a wide variety of substrates including plastics, ceramics and metallic structures. Commercially available materials, such as nano-particle inks, have been optimized for the Aerosol Jet process to allow printing (and subsequent ink sintering) onto plastic substrates with low heat deflection temperatures.

Gravure Printing and How It Works -

May 13, 2019· Gravure printing—also known as rotogravure printing—is primarily a long-run, high-speed, high-quality printing method. Like engraving, gravure is a form of intaglio printing that produces fine, detailed images. It can be used for CMYK printing where each color of ink is applied by its own cylinder and with drying steps in between.

Digital printing - Wikipedia

Digital printing refers to methods of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. It usually refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers. Digital printing has a higher cost per page than more traditional offset printing methods, but this ...

Digital Inkjet Inks - Nazdar

Nazdar Digital Inkjet Inks are for commercial printing on wide format, grand format and other commercial grade machines. We produce solvent, UV, and UV-LED curing digital inks.

AlumaJet - Inkjet Printable Aluminum

AlumaJet ® is ink jet printable aluminum that allows you to print full-color, photographic images directly onto real metal without the hassle of heat presses or transfer paper. What makes AlumaJet special is that it allows you to print directly on to real metal with a standard printer.

Xerox Specialty Dry Ink for Spot Printing and Creative Effects

Add Sparkle and Shine with Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks. Xerox® Specialty Dry Inks — including Metallic, White, and Clear — help you outshine your competition by adding incredible value to your digital prints. ... Xerox White Dry Ink plays multiple roles in the printing process:

Metallic Printing - Packaging Prototypes

Metallic printing has come a long way since the days of foil stamping. Thanks to advances in ink technology, we can execute complex projects easier than ever. We always begin by tailoring each job to what the customer needs. The process involves actual flakes of metal suspended in the ink, usually aluminum, bronze or zinc.

Metallic Ink Printing Solutions | Roland DGA

Add the luxury and brilliance of gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent colors to your graphics with Eco-Sol MAX metallic ink printing solutions. Developed for selected Roland inkjet printers and printer/cutters, metallic inks give signs, labels, decals, displays, vehicle wraps and even decorated apparel an upscale and sophisticated appearance.

Demystifying Metallic Inks for Screen Printing | ScreenWeb ...

Aug 15, 2002· The challenge for the screen-printing ink manufacturer is to make inks using the finest possible pigments that will deliver high coverage, brilliance, and a tight particle distribution. Properties of metallic inks. To predict the kinds of results we can achieve with metallic inks, we must probe the chemistry of these inks more closely.

All Companies - Covering the Printing Inks, Coatings and ...

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the printing process. Letterpress and litho printing use high-viscosity inks that are formu-lated using low-volatility materials and are genericalIy known as 'paste' or 'oil' inks. The flexo and gravure processes use low-viscosity inks formulated with volatile sol vents and are known collectively as 'liquid inks. Screen printing inks generalIy ...

Offset printing inks | Offset printing technology | Offset ...

The offset printing inks used on an offset printing press must be able to carry the full-intended color and covering power to the paper despite the split-film action. This occurs because the offset blanket picks up only a portion of the ink from the plate and delivers only a portion of that to the paper.

Inks, Coatings and Pressroom Products by Printing Process ...

Inks, Coatings and Pressroom Products by Printing Process Sun Chemical provides pressroom products for a variety of printing processes including digital, flexo, gravure, lithographic, and screen printing.

About metallic inks - Graphic Arts Magazine

Mar 12, 2012· Printing reverse type or similar small areas using metallic ink is also not desirable because of the larger particle sizes contained within the ink. Metallic inks are much more effective on large printed areas and so these types of design considerations …

Custom Foil Shirt Screen Printing – Silver, Gold & More

Foil comes in tons of colors, and works for unisex, feminine, or masculine designs. Foil can work with regular screen printing inks as well for a super fun look. To add this metallic look to your shirt, we take your design and run it through the standard screen printing process but with a special ink …