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According to special provision SP45, antimony trioxide is not regulated for transport unless it contains more than 0.5% of arsenic. In that case it should be classified as UN number 1549 (Hazard class 6.1 and packaging group III). TLV Note: Exposure by all routes should be carefully controlled to …

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Antimony Oxide (Sb2O3) Nanopowder / Nanoparticles Water Dispersion US Research Nanomaterials, Inc. SAFTY DATA SHEET Revised Date 10/10/2017 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION 1.1 Product identifiers Product name: Antimony Oxide (Sb2O3) Water Dispersion Product Number : US3410W

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(Di) antimony trioxide is classified as inhalation carcinogen category 2 (according to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008). Three chronic inhalation studies in rats are available for the carcinogenicity assessment of (di) antimony trioxide (Watt, 1983; Groth et al., 1986a, Newton et al., 1994). The exposure

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Antimony Pentoxide Colloidal is an aqueous anionic dispersion of Antimony Pentoxide in water. It is homogeneous solution and does not settle easily under normal circumstances. APPLICATIONS. Aqueous colloidal antimony pentoxide as a synergist with halogenated flame retardants in textiles, adhesives, coatings and water-based systems. ADVANTAGES

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Pigments & Dispersions. Performance The Kish Company offers a full series of performance organic pigments, complex inorganic color pigments, pigment dispersions, universal colorants, titanium dioxide (rutile and anatase), antimony trioxide and pearlescent pigments.Pigments and Dispersions are tailored formulated to obtain the results you require for your unique application process.

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The invention provides a process for preparing antimony pentoxide ethanol dispersion comprising, charging antimony trioxide and dispersion stabilizer into ethanol, oxidizing antimony trioxide into antimony pentoxide by hydrogen dioxide, preparing the outcome yield with content of antimony pentoxide over 5% through reaction solution concentration and dewatering.

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Antimony Trioxide flame retardant masterbatch PE80/PE90. PE80/ 90 is a pellet masterbatch of 80/90% antimony trioxide based on Polyethylene . and can be used for both injection moulding and extrusion (film) applications due to its outstanding dispersion .

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Dec 09, 2008· As manufacturer specialized in manufacturing of Antimony trioxide,flame-retardant concentrates, masterbatches and compounds,Since 1994,JIEFU has pioneered the manufacturing of antimony trioxide in China.principally for the electrical or electronic,engineering plastics,cable, automotive and packaging industry.Welcome long-term agencies oversea

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Amspec distributes four grades of antimony trioxide. Antimony trioxide, also known as antimony oxide or Sb 2 O 3, is the most widely produced compound of elemental antimony.The nations that produce the most antimony trioxide are China, South Africa, Bolivia, Russia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

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Antimony Oxide Nanoparticle Dispersion/ACM13096442 can be provided in Alfa Chemistry. We are dedicated to provide our customers the best products and services.


It is mainly found underground in sulfite form called Stibnite (Sb2S3). As a metal, it is used as a component for lead batteries. The main compound produced with antimony metal is antimony trioxide (ATO or Sb2O3), used as a flame retardant additive in the plastic industry (cables, pipes, technical textile, floor & wall coverings…).

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Our antimony trioxide (ATO) products are used in numerous everyday objects, being an excellent synergist for making products flame retardant when used in combination with halogenated flame retardants. Moreover, ATO combines high FR performance with the best price/quality ratio.

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Antimony Oxide Nanoparticle Dispersions are suspensions of antimony oxide nanoparticles in water or various organic solvents such as ethanol or mineral oil. American Elements manufactures oxide nanopowders and nanoparticles with typical particle sizes ranging from 10 to 200nm and in coated and surface functionalized forms.

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Antimony(III) oxide has suspected carcinogenic potential for humans. Its TLV is 0.5 mg/m 3, as for most antimony compounds. No other human health hazards were identified for antimony(III) oxide, and no risks to human health and the environment were identified from the production and use of antimony trioxide in daily life. References

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Antimony Oxide Powder Dispersion . CAS# 1309- 64- 4 Antimony trioxide . Proprietary Polymeric Binder . CHARACTERISTICS: WESTCO ™ ATO-90 is an 90% High tint antimony oxide powder (approximately 1 micron particle size) dispersion treated with a proprietary polymeric binder used as a flame retardant synergist in rubber, plastics,

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by spray-drying colloidal antimony oxide from . a water dispersion of 0.03 micron particles. The spray-dried powder is composed of agglomerated particles in the range of 10 to . 40 microns. BurnEx 30-107 is a free- flowing powder that does not require grinding . to eliminate white specks. Advantages: BurnEx 30-107 provides the

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Jul 01, 2006· Antimony trioxide (ATO) is commonly used as a co-synergist with halogenated flame retardants to enhance their effectiveness. Recent comprehensive genotoxicity studies and a critical review by the European Commission have indicated that, contrary to the indications of earlier less well authenticated studies, antimony trioxide is not a

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TDA101S Antimony Oxide Dispersion in DIDP TDA101S Antimony Oxide is a dispersion of 80% Antimony Trioxide in 20% DIDP. Both the color and amount of antimony trioxide are controlled to very tight tolerances, insuring consistency of color and fire retardant properties in each batch. TDA101S has been supplied to many of the major USA

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60% Antimony Trioxide. Flame Retardants: a dispersion of antimony trioxide which can be used as a highly effective flame retardant. Full Details. 60% Calcium Carbonate. Pigments and Fillers: A 60% aqueous dispersion of Calcium Carbonate. Full Details. 60% Speswhite.

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Paints - Paints can be made flame retardant by providing a halogen, usually chlorinated paraffin or rubber, and 10% to 25% antimony trioxide. Additionally antimony oxide is used as a color "fastener" in paint subject to ultraviolet radiation that tends to deteriorate colors.

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PE80/ 90 is a pellet masterbatch of 80/90% antimony trioxide based on Polyethylene . and can be used for both injection moulding and extrusion (film) applications due to its outstanding dispersion . Dust-free antimony trioxide 99.50% / 99.80%. A kind of highly decentralized micro-particles. ...

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TCC's zinc borate is a low toxicity, white crystalline, inorganic compound primarily used as a flame retardant and smoke suppressant in plastics and cellulose fibers, paper, rubbers and textiles. It is also used in paints, adhesives and pigments. As a flame retardant, zinc borate can replace antimony trioxide as a synergist in both halogen-based and halogen-free systems.


Dispersion of Antimony Trioxide Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) Zinc Borate Martinal® Garoflam Saytex® Multisperse® Magnifin® Zinborel® _____ Omya UK Limited I Melton I North Ferriby I HU14 3HU I United Kingdom I 11 Functional …

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Amspec provides antimony trioxide based chemicals, flame retardant systems, metalorganics, and custom dispersions to a wide range of industries.

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Non-settling dispersion for use as a flame retardant synergist in halogen containing polyester and vinyl ester resins. APE1540 can be substituted for antimony trioxide in formulations involving any polyester or vinyl ester resin system containing bromine or chlorine. Download Data Sheet Request a Sample

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St. Louis Group is an established & viable supplier of brominated Flame Retardants. We are a domestic manufacturer of brominated polyols and blends. We also have contract manufacturing operations in China. Specialty dispersions and masterbatches are available upon request. Contact us for more information regarding our BroShield® products.

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Antimony trioxide 65% aqueous dispersion FR-11 Antimony trioxide/decabromodiphenyloxide. Contact: Click here. Antimony pentoxide dispersions and method of making ... Process for preparing an aqueous dispersion of antimony pentoxide sol useful for flame retardancy consisting of the steps forming an aqueous dispersion of ... Contact: Click here.